Hey guys, Do you order your whey protein from amazon or Flipkart?

Have you ever received fake whey protein powder?

Be aware, today I am going to share my experience that how I received a fake whey protein powder from amazon sellers.

As I usually go to the gym regularly, so whey protein is a necessary part of my diet. Asitis is a good brand and I had been using it for the last 4-5 months.

But the last time when I ordered it, the product seems to be original but actually it was not.

I ordered it in January 2021, after I received it the first doubt comes to my mind when I mixed the newly ordered protein half scoop with the previous whey that was left half scoop.

Actually, there was a color difference since the new one was in a little bit of lighter shade.

But I ignored it and continued my gym life as usual like other days. After 1 week there was a lot of news regarding blue flew spreading at a huge pace in the northern part of the country. So the usage of eggs and chicken were banned in the city.

But my diet protein requirement majorly depends upon the eggs, so I need to complete the protein requirement. As a result, I increased whey protein (asitis) from 1 to 2 scoops per day. But this increase caused a lot of pain in my stomach for 2-3 days. I suffered a lot and awaken for many nights.

How did I confirm that the product is Duplicate?

As soon as I suffered digestion problems, I started checking the quality of whey protein since I have doubt about it previously.

QR code

I first scanned the QR code on the seal and found no results about it on google.

The mixability of whey protein

Usually, when I was taking protein regularly, I observed that it is not mixing well. The clumps of the proteins always remain insoluble, no matter how much we shake them or stir them.

No response from seller or Amazon

As soon as I confirmed that the protein is fake, I tried to contact customer care and complaint against

seller but no response is received.

How you can check whey protein fake and original?

fake whey protein

Image source: muscleship.com

Apart from the above steps of mixability and QR code, you can also follow the following steps to check whether the whey protein you ordered is genuine or fake.

Packing of Fake Whey Protein

Just go through the overall packing, the product should be in proper seal and all the color composition of the packing should be the same as the original(the previous one you are using ).

Composition Table

The spelling of all the ingredients which are given in the composition table should be correct, check the composition table of the product from the official website.

My recommendation

As I have discussed all my story, so it is advised that always buy whey protein from official websites like asitis.com, never go with price, if the seller is giving any low price for the protein then there are higher chances that the product may be fake.


Have you ever suffered the same situation?

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