Are you not able to lose weight? But before getting into the solution of the problem you should have basic knowledge about the difference between fat loss vs weight loss.

What is Weight Loss?

Weight loss is the overall loss in weight of the body which includes fat, muscles, and water, etc. It not only reduces the fat from the body can also cause muscle loss. So before tapping into the weight loss strategy you should have an idea about the difference between weight loss and muscle loss.

How to measure Weight loss?

Weight loss in the body can be measured by a simple measuring scale. It is quite easy and convenient to use a weighing scale.

What is Fat Loss?

It is a loss in body weight due to a loss in the fat percentage of the body. It is healthier than overall weight loss. Losing extra fat present in the body is a better way to have a healthy lifestyle and look more confident.

How to measure fat loss?

The fat loss can not be measured by a simple weighing scale. To measure it, we have a special fat-measuring scale-like skinfold caliper which measures the fat amount by measuring the thickness of the skin.

Which is Better Among Fat loss vs Weight loss?

There are a huge number of weight loss programs in the fitness industry. Each one has different claims. Some of them offer a huge loss of pounds within in few weeks.

But before purchasing or enrolling in any program you should have a piece of knowledge about the basic difference between weight loss and fat loss.

In some cases, weight loss can result in water loss and muscle loss from your body.

But muscle loss is not good for your health. Losing muscles means losing your strength. The lesser strength makes you uncomfortable in front of friends and during any other heavy weight lifting work.

Muscle loss can make your body at a greater risk of fractures during some heavy lifting actions.

The heart is also a muscle and muscle loss in the body can affect the cardiovascular health of your body.

Muscles generally use the energy produced from the breakdown of glucose for all the movements of the body. Muscle loss may cause the lesser production of insulin which controls the sugar level in the blood.

For people suffering from respiratory problems, muscle loss may lead to more complications. Along with that people are also prone to instant illness and infections i.e. low immunity.

So to avoid these health-related problems, you have to focus on fat loss rather than weight loss.

So you may have doubts about how can I lose weight without muscle loss.

Top 6 tips to lose fat by maintaining muscle mass

1. Protein Enrichment in Diet

fat loss vs weight loss

Protein is one of the most demanding nutrients in our diet. Muscles are formed by proteins as building blocks. A high protein diet reduces your appetite. It prevents you to eat more food. It makes you feel full. So on average, it is observed that a person eats 200-400 calories less than a usual day on a high protein day diet. So a high protein diet helps you to lose fat along with maintenance of muscle mass. Eggs, fish, almonds, and peanuts are some most commonly used protein examples at our home.

2. Add Healthy Food and Snacks

One of the biggest evil in our fitness goals is processed foods. They add tons of sugars, bad fats, and cholesterol into our diet. This added sugar is one of the major reasons to cause diseases like diabetes and various heart diseases. Make sure to avoid it.

Add some natural unprocessed foods into your diets such as fruits and green leafy vegetables. This type of food has a very low amount of calories. With low-calorie intake, you will be able to burn fat from your body easily. The high fiber content in this type of food makes your body leaner.

Pro Tip

Especially at lunch, you can add a good amount of salad. This will also reduce your calorie intake and also makes you feel full.

3. Drink More Water

Drinking water can effectively help in weight loss.  According to, you should drink at least 2.5 liters of water daily.

Drinking water before any meal will lead to reducing calorie consumption.

Also, it makes you feel more energetic and active that may lead burn more calories getting you better at fat loss.

4. Counting Your Calories Intake

fat loss vs weight loss

Counting your calories once in a while each day will help you estimate how effective is your diet plan. You can make changes in your diet accordingly.

For weight loss, the main goal is to reduce calorie consumption. So any calorie counter app or device will help you a lot. Do follow it.

You can take help from, Calorie checker, and various other tools.

5. Excercise

Exercise daily for 30 – 45 minutes, no matter in the gym or workout at home. This helps in burning extra calories you may take during the food. Also exercising daily makes you feel physically fit.

It also improves your mental health. It creates an impression in your mind that you are doing well for your fitness and also creates a positive attitude in your life.

6. Eat in a calorie deficient

Eating in calories deficient is the best way to lose fat faster. Make your diet plan in deficiency of 200 – 300 calories per day. This will make burn the extra fat in your body.

Conclusion for the fat loss vs weight loss

Till now you have learned that weight loss is the overall loss in the body, it may include fat loss, water loss, or muscle loss whereas fat loss is the only loss of extra fat from your body that is not required by the body.

You should focus on fat loss rather than weight loss because weight loss can cause muscle loss.

Eating protein rich diet, drinking a sufficient amount of water, and exercising daily are some of the pro tips which can help fat loss faster.

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