Do you know what is the best motivation for me to lose weight? What would I look like if I lost weight of about 20 or 25 pounds?

My answer is the second question. If I know-how would I look after losing weight then it will be the best superpower that pushes me to lose weight.

If I know the shape of my face before and after weight loss, then definitely it defines the future version of yourself and everybody will try to achieve it.

But the problem is how do I check what would I look if I lost weight?

Thanks to the technology! It provides us the various tools which can show your face after weight loss. However, these tools are not as exact as 100% but definitely, these can provide you an estimate about it.

So here we are going to discuss some of the best available tools which will show your gaunt face after weight loss.

Here is the list of 4 tools that I found helpful when I also have the same thought about what would I look like if I lost weight.

1. EnvisionBody App

This is the most recommended app which will give the exact idea of your thought about what would I look like if I lost weight. Either is app is launching soon or it may be launched at that time when you are reading this article. So check it at the store.

It may be the revolution in engaging software that are developed till now. The company claims that it uses the augmented technology which shows the complete shape of your fitness goal instantly.

Also, the progress you obtained can also be shared on other social media platforms.

The company believes in the philosophy that if you can see it, you can achieve it. It’s definitely a good mindset.

The app is also claimed to have an intelligent sensor that will be able to track our exercises.

My view on Envision body

This could a revolution if the app is the same as shown in the video but the actual recommendation will be based on the experience. However, the company claims the best technology factors I have seen in various fitness predicting apps. The app is under testing in the beta version in android so we have to wait. Till now, it is awaited, and let’s see what happens.

2. Vizulaize You App: Best Tool to show Face after weight loss

Losing weight is not an easy task. A lot of factors such as diet, exercise motivation and mindset play an important role. After a particular instant, if things don’t go well then the weight loss aspirant loses its hope. In such cases the use of these types of apps becomes effective. is an effective platform to inspire weight loss aspirants. According to its website, the app uses a 3D design model and the results are produced by the weight-loss experts.

Face after weight loss

Here is the sample of the work done by visualize app. The fat loss in weight is effectively appearing on her face.

How to use the app to see: What would I like If I lost weight virtually

This app Produces the result in 3 steps:

  1. Take your current photo or upload any recent photo from the phone.
  2. Enter your current height and current weight.
  3. Enter your weight goal.

My view on Visualize app to see face after weight loss

According to my point of view, the app best describes the change in the face after weight loss in the range of 10-25  pounds. In other cases, the change is not noticeable.

3. Change in Seconds

It is another platform that best describes the variation of the overall body but in form of a model.

This platform also uses the 3D design algorithm. However, visualize which shows only face before and after fat loss whereas in this case, we can see the whole body. You can visit it here

How To use Change in seconds:

It requires 4 steps

  1. Enter your height
  2. Enter your Body type (Apple, Pear, or Hourglass)
  3. Enter your current weight
  4. Enter your Weight goal

What would I look like if I lost weight

It gives the idea about what your current body shape by showing results with the help of this model.

My View about Change in seconds

As it gives a better appearance as compared to Visualize you app but the problem is that the model shown is not you, it is only a rough idea.  Also, this platform is not gendered specific. So you can it a try but not trustworthy.

4. Model my diet  (what would I look like if I lost weight virtual)

This platform is also based on the same base technology as a change in seconds website. It describes the results in the form of a 2D image which is not much satisfactory.

What would I look like if I lost weight

As you can see the sample it is showing is not so much engaging. Nobody would like to relate to this result.

How to use Model My Diet

This platform also requires the same data as in the above with one more about belly shape (flat or round)

  1. Enter your height.
  2. Enter your belly shape.
  3. Enter your current shape and goal shape (regular or muscular).
  4. Enter your current weight.
  5. Enter your Weight goal.

My view on Model My Diet

According to my recommendation, this platform is not usable. Since the results it produces cannot be compared by an individual in an appropriate manner.


So the best part in this category is envision body however, other platforms are not visible to believe and not interested at all. Also, these all examples are based on technology which cannot predict your future better than you. So, I will recommend you not to waste time in predicting the future. It will automatically be best if you work well today. Focus on your diet plan, workout routines, and improve your fitness lifestyle. Having a proper mindset and consistency will open the dreams of your fitness goals. Once you will be able to get noticeable results, it will automatically push you to work more and achieve a better version of yourself.

What You Should Do to know What Would I look like if I lost weight

Focus On Present Rather than Future: Do Not Overthink

Instead of searching for more apps or websites to guess what I would like if I lost weight, you should find out what are mistakes you have made either in the workouts or diets. Do not overthink just take action, try new techniques, and definitely, you will get positive output. You can also learn How to think positively in a deep way.

Do not need to go too deep just consider a basic formula:

According to, one pound of fat contains 3500 calories. So to lose 1 pound of weight in a week you should burn 500 calories more each day.

Accordingly if you want to lose more you can shift it at your own conveinence.

So here are the top 11 tips for you to lose weight easily at home.

Top 11 Tips for Weight Loss

1. Protein Enrichment in Diet

What would I look like if I lost weight

Protein is one of the most demanding nutrients in our diet. A high protein diet reduces your appetite. It prevents you to eat more food. It makes you feel full. So on average, it is observed that a person eats 200-400 calories less than a usual day on a high protein day diet. Eggs, fish, almonds, and peanuts are some common examples.

2. Add Healthy Food and Snacks

One of the biggest evil in our fitness goals is processed foods. They add tons of sugars, bad fats, and cholesterol into our diet. This added sugar is one of the major reasons to cause diseases like diabetes and various heart diseases. Make sure to avoid it.

Add some natural unprocessed foods into your diets such as fruits and green leafy vegetables. This type of food has a very low amount of calories.

Pro Tip

Especially at lunch, you can add a good amount of salad. This will also reduce your calorie intake and also mmakes you feel full.

3. Drink More Water

Drinking water can effectively help in weight loss.  According to, you should drink at least 2.5 liters of water daily.

Drinking water before any meal will lead to reduce calorie consumption.

Also, it makes you feel more energetic and active that may lead burn more calories.

4. Counting Your Calories Intake

what would i look like if i lost weight app

Counting your calories once in a while each day will help you estimate how effective is your diet plan. You can make changes in your diet accordingly.

For weight loss, the main goal is to reduce calorie consumption. So any calorie counter app or device will help you a lot. Do follow it.

You can take help from, Calorie checker, and various other tools.

5. Add Yogurt into your diet: Best Probiotic

What would I look like if I lost weight virtual

Probiotics are live bacteria that improve our health and digestion. Usually, we have some particular types of bacteria in the gut which helps in the digestion of food.

Sometimes the obese people are observed to have different bacteria than observed from normal people. Yogurt is the best natural probiotic containing lactobacillus acidophilus which regulates the bacteria in the gut.

6. Do Not Skip Breakfast

 Breakfast is an important part of our diet. After the whole night, the stomach is empty and If you miss breakfast you can miss out on important nutrients. Moreover, it can make you more hungry and less energetic throughout the day. 

7. Use a Smaller Plate

Using a smaller plate, you will eat in smaller portions and hence in lesser calorie intake. Make it a habit to use a smaller plate, gradually you would not feel hungry after small meals. 

8. Cut Down Alcohol

Drinking alcohol on regular basis can cause easy weight gain. A standard glass of wine contains enough calories as taking from a small piece of chocolate. So don’t cut down it immediately, reduce it in smaller portions. Immediate breaking of alcohol intake can cause more cravings.

9. Reduce the Stock of Junk Food

Don’t stock junk foods such as chocolates, biscuits, and fizzy drinks at home. If you stock at home then definitely you will eat it someday. Instead, you can go for healthy foods such as juice, vegetables, oatmeals, and sprouts.

10. Plan Your Meals

Planning your meals is most important for weight loss. You can plan your meals for 1 week spending 20-40 minutes in a single day. Then make sure to follow it.

11. Add Yoga in Your Workout Plans

Yoga is most important for improving mental health, immunity, and relief from pain points. The more your mind is relaxed easier is to respond and follow your healthcare routines. Yoga can also help in weight loss in an easy and effective way.

If you are reading this article till the end, then I hope you really liked it. Do comment on and provide us your valuable feedback.

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